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Well this is regarding all the leaks that have been happening recently and so many people upset about it and so on. Mr. Sakurai has worked so hard on this series and we all know this. We all know his love for the fans as his love for these amazing games he’s made and such dedication. After reading hundreds upon hundreds of comments in many websites by fans, it is very noticeable that we all feel bad for this man. That we feel terrible that everything kinda collapse and everything that he wanted to surprise us with has been open. But since we all feel terrible, we should do something for him. We should ignore the leaks, and who knows when he decides to announce Duc…Nevermind, His surprises…we shall be surprise. Not because the leaker was correct. But because of what Sakurai and his team have made. A masterpiece of the game. Think and believe all leaks are fake and just wait for Sakurai to be ready. Thank you Masahiro Sakurai

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